Tok Sen

Tok Sen means take off energy lines in Thai; it is a technique to clear blocked energy. It uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles. This unique healing technique is found in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand (Lanna).

Tok Sen helps to improve energy flow and relieves aching muscles. Tok Sen is a therapeutic bodywork for myofascial pains. By tapping the body (using the wooden “hammer” and “pestles”) vibrations are sent through the nerves, muscles, and fascia to treat muscle and tendon pain. A light “hammering” with varying degrees of contacts to the different regions of the body. The vibrations, if done in the proper manner, provide benefits to the different areas of the body. When done properly, they make the tendons and muscles feel more alive because they are repaired and rejuvenated. It is not just the tapping that is important, but also the “tempo” that is used. In most case the tempo is three beats; one, two, three and again one, two, three. The different hammers and pestles are used in different areas of the body. Furthermore, one’s fingers can get tired and sore with extended use. If they become tired, they are less likely to provide the necessary treatment. The fingers, however, must be used to touch an area and see whether it is in need of additional Tok Sen treatment.

••• Releases pain from many causes:

  • Headaches from nerve problem, migraines, brain degeneration, blurred vision and hearing loss
  • Shoulder pain, neck sprain, shoulder tendon tightness, immobile arm
  • Shortened tendon that can compress the joints, back muscle tightness, scapular problem and back pain
  • Lower back pain, spinal cord inflammation, difficulty bending trunk easily
  • Lumbar pain and nerve compression
  • Thigh pain, hamstring muscle tightness, and patella dislocation
  • Calf pain, sole pain, and numbness
  • Arm pain, elbow pain, arm numbness and hand numbness


***All the sessions are done following the Tantric principles, which means connection to the heart, awareness phases, etc and the sessions are not only on the deep physical plan but also energetic plan. NB: no nudity required.


Short video of Master Mantak Chia presenting Tok Sen

Combination of Chi Nei Tsang and Tok Sen

In some cases, combining Chi Nei Tsang and Tok Sen during the session can provide a more efficient and immediate release of physical pain, tension, emotional pain, etc depending on the issue. Therefore, if you book a session for Chi Nei Tsang or Tok Sen and after examining your body, it appears that your body needs a combination of both or one or the other, the one that is the most appropriate will be chosen.

Your therapist

Nathalie has trained on Chi Nei Tsang level 1, 2 and 3 with Master Mantak Chia, Jutta Kellenger, Olivier Barre and Natasa Kovac, from the Universal Healing Tao System.