"I had a life changing Chi Nei Tsang with Natalie. As soon as she put her hands on me I felt safe and confident that she really knows what she’s doing. 

She warned me that I could be emotional after the treatment but I felt very happy and light…for one day. The following two days I was a ball of emotions and if someone would look at me I’d cry. But I knew I was healing and I had no doubt it had to do with the treatment.

Once these two days was over a blockage I had around my heart was dissolved. This resulted in that I could experience love in a much more free and wonderful way! It was an unexpected and complete miracle as I’d been working on this blockage actively for nine month without results. 

I’m sure all that I did helped but what finally made this blockage ready to let go was this very deep body work. I’m forever grateful. 

If you’re thinking to have a Chi Nei Tsang consider Natalie a gift to yourself!"

Jae Ariadne


“I met Nathalie at a Mantak Chia’s one week seminar, and straight away felt a strong connection.

Nathalie is a genuine human being, beautiful soul, generous, smily, loving person and more over very knowledgeable. All the essential qualities that make a good therapist are impersonated by Nathalie.

I had been suffering from some kind of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), bloating after each meal for over a year – due to my Gluten/Dairy intolerance – I thought so anyway. I had tried diverse diets, treatments to no good at all. I decided to get the Chi Nei Tsang treatments from Nathalie. Before starting hands on with the massage Nathalie takes the time to talk, listen, to get a feeling about the overall emotional state of the patient (questionnaire to fill out too). Nathalie is very conscientious, gentle, focused, passionate about what she does. I required several sessions and after each of them something new was coming to the surface : emotions, events that I thought I was done with, I had moved on from, things I didn’t think were causing me discomfort, things that were in fact impacting my behavior on a daily basis. Thankfully Nathalie always supported me after the sessions ; thoroughly following up on how I felt, the following days – more emotions/memories come back to life, you may feel emotional, sleepless, distressed, tired ; Nathalie provides also advices and exercises if necessary. Thanks to Nathalie’s Chi Nei Tsang treatments combined with her QiGong and TaoYin classes I learnt self-love, how important it is to listen to the body and understand how mind and body are linked, I gained vitality, inner-peace and overall well-being (I lost weight, and IBS belongs to the past). I also strongly believe that it saved me years of psychotherapy ! 

I cannot recommend Nathalie highly enough – Nathalie will make you shine and feel alive 🙏🏼 “

Sabrina Autier 


"Nathalie is an amazing person that I know. She is pretty intuitive. The first time I went to her for qigong within a short time she was able to detect that the energy is blocking in my stomach and due to which i was having restless days and difficulty in showing my emotions.

It was so painful in my stomach during the first session and I was hardly letting her touch my stomach points and I was sweating when she did qigong massage but gradually the pain decreased session after session and during 8th session there was no pain at all and it was such a relief. I also had an opportunity to attend one of her Kamasundari workshops which was an eye opening workshop with Tantra, Qigong and many more. Thank you very much :-)."