About Us


Nathalie is a certified instructor who has trained in Thailand with GrandMaster Mantak Chia and around the globe with top seniors instructors from the Universal Healing Tao system. Practicing Tantra for the past few years and Taoism at the same time, she has experienced the benefits of both. Taoism and Tantra are very similar in theory and practice according her, just different words and slightly different techniques.

She has always been fascinated by the body and its function that lead her to learn other practices helping the body to release tensions and stored emotions with alternative Asian medecines such as Chi Nei Tsang and Tok Sen from Master Chia school.
She has also previously run body-based psychology workshops with Alex that involves the body intelligence.
However, the mind can be tricky, so she also learnt to play trick to the mind and got certified in NLP (Richard Bandler School with the Irish Institute of NLP).


Alex has started his journey of self-discovery 25 years ago and has been practicing Yoga, Tantra, Taoism and more. These practices took him to India, Nepal and Tibet to discover more in depth this intriguing spiritual path.
Along the way, his curiosity led him to learn also alternative therapies that include energy, mind and body work to complete his spiritual curriculum. This includes NLP, De-armoring, Vital Development, Landmark education, Reiki and much more.
He has also previously run body-based psychology workshops with Nathalie that involves the body intelligence as well as Tantra workshops.

Alex believes in body wisdom and he is the author of a book focused on healing the childhood misunderstandings and live a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment. The book is due to be published in 2020.