Tantric Kizomba Dance

"In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance." Rumi

One of our passion is couple dance, and more particularly Kizomba as this is how our soul first met and merged as One with the Universe.

Dancing in pair is about creating a beautiful game of polarity between the feminine and masculine energy. It is about connecting with the other human being that is in front of you, but the connection goes beyond the physical realm, a place only where soul can manifest when the heart is involved.

When we truly understand this dance, we also understand the essence of spirituality in movement. Where heart needs to be open, love activated, the adoration for ourselves and the other as if a God and a Goddess were dancing, vanishing and merging into each other, full of transfiguration and openness to the other one. Surrendering to the masculine energy for the woman who is being lead and for the man, the transcendence in movement of the masculine energy full of love and protection for the woman.
When we connect deeply in dance, we can truly observe and distinguish the stillness in dance.
Dancing is not about performance and how you look, it is about how you feel, about the connection and feeling God's presence in every move. Kizomba is about going inside of our inner universe to discover the hidden treasures of our heart and soul.
Kizomba involves a lot of pelvic movements and grounding is necessary in this dance (like in most African dance). The pelvic area is where shame, guilt and fear are stored, so if you find yourself a bit stiffed around the pelvic area, starting Kizomba could help in unblocking or if you want to learn to ground and manifest more freely your masculine/feminine energy.

In Yogic terms, Muladhara (the root chakra) and Anahata (heart chakra) are at play in this dance for a true connection to happen.
Thursdays evening - time will be confirmed
Tantric Kizomba Party once a month where you will get to meet new people, create new connection and practice what you've learnt in the class!
To be confirmed when the restrictions will be lifted up
120 kr for a single class
200 kr for 2 classes
For private class, click here.




We organised the first Kizomba Flashmob in Dublin, Ireland in 2018

First project from the Kizomba World Project