"Both the wise and those who aspire to attain the state of wisdom should seek and then discover what is the beginning of any trouble or disorder. Consequently, one will easily discover that everything starts through the lack of love."
G. Bivolaru

Body therapy

Our body is the biggest storage of our emotions since our birth. Our shape, the conditions of our body is the result of suppress emotions which consequently, brings sickness and illness to the body.

Regardless of if you have any body pain, chronic pain, deep tensions or just some blockages that prevent your body energy to flow freely, we can help you with alternative medicine, working deeply with your organs, muscles and bones but also on an energetic level. All sessions are run with a tantric attitude and respecting the tantric principles.

You can choose between Chi Nei Tsang, Tok Sen, Combination of Chi Nei Tsang and Tok Sen, and De-armoring.

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Workshops, Retreats & Webinars

What is life without Love? Without being able to be ourselves? To express fully ourselves for who we truly are?

We believe that experience worth more than a ton of theory. Therefore, we run monthly workshops and retreats to go deeper into our inner universe to uncover our subconscious through our body and mind, and connect to the depth of our heart.

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Private Consultation & Class

We provide one to one session for those who requires to go deeper into a situation, whether you go through an emotional breakdown, want a personal healing session that is not body therapy or want a private dance class with us.

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