Online Live Classes

Taoist Yoga – Tao Yin

Every Monday evening starting March 23rd until July 27th 2020 from 8pm to 9.30pm (Irish time).

Classes will consist of an hour of Taoist yoga following a Taoist meditation, the Six Healing Sounds.

You can download the program/application on the following link:

In the Western world, exercise focuses mainly on physical fitness and developing muscular strength. In the East, exercise systems balance fitness practices for the body, mind and spirit. This balance is strongly emphasised in the Taoist system of Taoist Yoga, also called Tao Yin, one of the oldest and most diverse forms of exercise in Asia. Tao Yin focuses on creating balance between internal and external energies and revitalising the body, mind and spirit with a combination of strength, flexibility and internal energy exercises. Its ultimate goal is for the practitioner to become pure, responsive and full of energy, like a child.
Exercises are Yogalike postures, lying and sitting positions. Tao Yin improve health and structural alignment and, once mastered, strengthen movements and postures in standing positions.

The benefits of these remarkably simple exercises include harmonising chi, developing strength and flexibility through tendon stretching, relaxing the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm, releasing toxins through the breath and training the ‘second brain’ in the lower abdomen to coordinate and direct these processes.

Taoists learned the relationships between emotional energies and organ systems over many centuries of study and meditation. They developed methods to transform negative to positive emotions from their practical and intuitive understanding of the human body. Many of the Taoist insights are supported by observations and evidence from modern psychology and medicine. The “Inner Smile” and “Six Healing Sounds” exercises focus on five organs or organ systems: the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver/gall bladder, and the stomach/spleen.

In the Taoist tradition, each person assumes responsibility for the emotions that arise within, regardless of the external events that trigger the emotions. Taoist exercises take us into our bodies and transform emotions by transforming the associated physiological systems. The Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds exercises help balance and integrate our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, promoting health, resilience, and vitality.

The Six healing sounds meditation is highly recommended to do before going to bed in order to calm the body and mind and to release emotions accumulated during the day.

Classes will be done through the platform ZOOM and a camera is also needed so I can see if you are doing the right thing 🙂
You will also be able to ask questions anytime during the class.
The link of the class will be sent to you after booking (to participate to a class, please book 1 day in advance minimum).

If you subscribe for the month and you miss a session, you can request a recording.

Price: 30€ per month or 10€ drop-in (if you book for example a 23rd, the validity on the montly ticket is 23rd of the next month).


Free Qi Gong class – Full week of practice challenge

Every morning starting March 22nd until March 29th 2020 from 11.30am to 12pm (GMT – Irish time).

In this current situation, it is not an easy task to stay calm and not getting affected by what’s on going out there.

I believe exercices and any other practices (Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and others) are part of the key to an optimum health. Therefore, to contribute in keeping people active in their home, I invite you to practice only 30 mins every single day with me from 11.30am to 12pm (Irish time – GMT) and feel the difference in your body.

In those classes, I will focus mainly on increasing our immune system and moving stagnant energy which create sickness.

Join me every morning from March 22nd to March 29th — 11.30am to 12pm to experience this 5000 years-old ancient practice.

Platform: ZOOM

Register to get the link:

Nathalie is a certified Taoist instructor who has trained in Thailand with GrandMaster Mantak Chia and around the globe with top seniors instructors from the Universal Healing Tao system. She is updating and upgrading her skills and knowledge every year with the Master in Thailand.
Practicing Tantra for the past few years and Taoism at the same time, she has experienced the benefits of both. Taoism and Tantra are very similar in theory and practice according her, just different words and slightly different techniques.

She has always been fascinated by the body and its function that lead her to learn other practices helping the body to release tensions and stored emotions with alternative Asian medecines such as Chi Nei Tsang and Tok Sen from Master Chia school.

She has also previously run body-based psychology workshops with Alex that involves the body intelligence.
However, the mind can be tricky, so she also learnt to play trick to the mind and got certified in NLP (Richard Bandler School with the Irish Institute of NLP).