For Women

Women are force of nature

Being in a patriarchal society is not always easy for us women.
We need to stay strong, we need to fight, to prove ourselves in work, in our private life, taking care of family, taking up 2 roles sometimes. And we sometimes forget who we are, what we are.
We are Women.

In Hinduism, there are 2 principles. The masculine and feminine principles, the consciousness and the energy or you might know better the Archetypes Shiva and Shakti.
Shakti means in Sanskrit feminine power, the force of nature, energy. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Deity, unifying the femininity and maternity through her manifestation as the force of Nature.

The divine feminine force, Shakti, manifests the infinite diversity of the cosmic creation. Shakti IS, in fact, the entire manifestation, from the grossest to the most subtle, she is the life force which unites and sustains everything. Shakti is the radiant Heart of Shiva, the power of all creation manifested within every woman.

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