Fundamental of Tao and Tantra – Practical and fun workshop

Fundamental of Tao and Tantra – Practical and fun workshop
Fundamental of Tao and Tantra – Practical and fun workshop

Your body is smart, it has intelligence. It has the ability to heal itself. If you connect your mind to your body, you will discover amazing things about yourself..

We believe that the basics are important in order to evolve further into one of these two practices or both (just like learning to walk before starting to run!).

We have created a very practical and fun workshop with exercises combining Tao and Tantra you can do on a daily basis even with a busy schedule.

This workshop doesn’t contain any nudity and is suitable for anybody above 18yo as we will talk about sexual energy.

The workshop program will include:

• Tao meditation (inner smile & six healing sounds)
Taoists learned the relationships between emotional energies and organ systems over many centuries of study and meditation. They developed methods to transform negative to positive emotions from their practical and intuitive understanding of the human body. Many of the Taoist insights are supported by observations and evidence from modern psychology and medicine. The “Inner Smile” and “Six Healing Sounds” exercises focus on five organs or organ systems: the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver/gall bladder, and the stomach/spleen.

In the Taoist tradition, each person assumes responsibility for the emotions that arise within, regardless of the external events that trigger the emotions. Taoist exercises take us into our bodies and transform emotions by transforming the associated physiological systems. The Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds exercises help balance and integrate our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, promoting health, resilience, and vitality.

• Qi Gong/Chi Kung
Qi Gong means “energy work”. There are many types of Qi Gong and hundreds of different exercices.
No matter the Qi Gong, they all have the purpose of giving you more energy, releasing tension and stress, strengthening the system, boosting the “operating system”, calming the mind and much more.
In KamaSundari, we will focus on simple Qi Gong exercices that are very efficient in your daily life if practice regularly.

• Consent and boundaries
When we learn how to say NO to the things we do not want we can say YES to the life we want. We will learn how to say NO and how to say YES in a conscious and respectful way and how to set boundaries for ourselves and express what we want from others.

• Consecration
The art of consecration was revealed by the great avatar Krishna in his sacred writing Bhagavad-Gita. The way we use consecration is as a part of our daily life to align to a higher universal harmony. This technique in itself holds a lot of wisdom and power and made our lives a lot better and easier. We are going to share with you how to integrate this into your life in a very simple way.

• Sexual Continence
Sexual Continence is known for thousands of years, it was a very well-kept secret of the Pharaohs, Kings of the Orient and Alchemists. In Tantra, sexuality is considered the sacred union between the masculine and feminine Divine archetypes Shiva and Shakti. This amazing Tantric secret will help you to have more energy and live a longer and happier life. We will practice some individual Tantric techniques for controlling the sexual energy and directing it in the whole body. These exercises will be performed individually and no sexual activities will be performed in the workshop. At home, afterwards, you can use all these exercises to improve your sexual life.

• Transfiguration
Transfiguration is an amazing Tantric practice that you can do with your partner or by yourself and it will help you to directly assimilate archetypal qualities with minimal effort. For example you can assimilate a state of Divine beauty or a state of masculinity or a state of courage by connecting in a certain way to the source of these qualities.

• Presence and awareness
This is probably the most abstract and practical part of the workshop. It is hard to define with words what presence or awareness is. In this section of the workshop we will practice presence and awareness in a creative, fun and inspiring way.

• Prana Yoga
In this part we will talk about the main energy channels of the human being and the energy flows in the human body according to Tantric and Taoist tradition and the energy movements that are possible and useful. The main energy channels of the human being are IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA. In Tantra these energy flows are called Vayu and there are 5 such Vayu in the human body: Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana.

The movements of the energy are actions that we can perform with the energies in our body and those are having very interesting Sanskrit names we will let you know during the workshop. The most important part of this section and of the entire workshop is the practice. We will get to practice wonderful techniques for awakening the Vayus and move the energy inside our bodies.

Come and learn with us the fundamentals of Tao and Tantra!
If you don’t know what is Tao nor Tantra, no worries, just come and try it out 🙂

Saturday 19th & 20th October 2019 from 11.30am to 5.30pm‬

Please arrive 15 mins before starting time for registration, as we have a lot to cover, the workshop will start on time 🙂

35€ for one full day workshop
60€ for Saturday + Sunday

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Oct 19 2019 - Oct 20 2019


11:30 - 17:30