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Long before our time, Jade egg or Yoni egg practices were guarded secret in the Royal Palace in Ancient China and was taught only to the Queen and concubines of the Emperor.

It is said that it was to make the Emperor happy in bed but originally, the egg exercises and weight lifting were implemented to improve physical and spiritual health since it provides more power to the Chi muscle to lift the sexual energy inward and upward, where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy. Hence the reason why, we say that our Yoni is the gate to the Divine.
💟What you can also experience are: 💫Loving yourself in a deeper way 💫Increase self confidence and acceptance 💫Heart opening 💫Remaining young and bountiful 💫Staying in a very good health 💫Reduce pain during your period to pain free 💫Increase pleasure in a single or dual cultivation 💫Increase multi-orgasms 💫Keeping your sexual organs as tight and resilient as those of a young girl 💫Help with menopause and lubrication 💫Acupressure in your Yoni to de-armor 💫And much more...
💟The program: 💫History of the Yoni egg 💫Sexual reflexology of the Yoni 💫Energetic purification of the Yoni 💫Yoni egg practice including pre insertion and post insertion exercises 💫Sexual Kung Fu - Yoni egg weight lifting
💟What you will need: 💫A dress, a skirt or sarong to be comfortable during the practice 💫Your Yoni egg (remember to clean your Yoni egg before the session) + a string (eg: dental floss no flavored) 💫Breast massage oil 💫Small empty water bottle of 250ml or 500ml 💫A notebook and a pen if you want to write things down
💟NB: This webinar is only for women
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